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5th & 6th Gen 1148VX and 1148VXP Span Power Calculator
Release 10.1
Step 1: SELECT OSP DSLAM to be powered:
Step 2: SELECT Host or Client Unit:
Step 3: SELECT Vectoring implementation:
Step 4: SELECT Supplementary Holdup?
Step 5: SELECT DMT Interface?
Step 6: SELECT LPU to be used:
Step 7: SELECT # of LPU channels to be used:
Step 8: SELECT/ENTER applicable Segment values.
Segment Gauge (AWG) (Select from pull-down menu) Segment Length (Enter a number) Segment Temperature (°F) (Enter a number) Number of Pairs per LPU in this Segment (Enter a number) Segment Resistance (Ω) Total Pair Count this Segment
Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Total Resistance of each LPU Channel: Ω
Total Effective Resistance: Ω Must be less than: Ω
Equipment Characteristics:
LPU Minimum Output Voltage Volts
LPU Minimum Available Output Power Watts
OSP DSLAM Maximum Input Power Watts
Minimum OSP DSLAM Voltage Volts
Maximum OSP DSLAM Current: Amps
Maximum Current per LPU Port: Amps
Line Power per LPU port: Watts
Total Line Power: Watts